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Karen Nourizadeh

     Karen a certified Yoga instructor has studied with the world renowned Shiva Rea and Geshe Michael Roach. She has travel extensively throughout the world most recently India where she attended. Prior to her involvement as a principle in Casa di Gasperi, Karen was a trial Attorney in New York City, specializing in Medical Malpractice Defense.

      Karen presently resides in New York City and hosts all the events in Altamonte. Karen is fluent in Italian and her Native English.

Joshua Gaspero

     Joshua Gaspero, prior to his involvement in Casa di Gasperi was a publishing Executive from Westport Connecticut. Josh has traveled throughout Europe and Asia but is most comfortable in Italy where he supervises, oversees and manages the business affairs of the group.

      Josh resides in NYC and travels back to Altamonte for all Events.

Enza Ferrieri

     Enza Ferreri, is the resident principle of Casa di Gasperi.

     Enza resides in Altamonte and supervises all the accommodations, events and cooking Staff with her expert knowledge of the Calabria Region. Enza brings a hand of experience to all the guests at Casa di Gasperi. Enza is fluent in both English and Italian.

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